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Our smart Riess products are made of quality porcelain enamel and come in a lovely range of timeless colours. Our selection includes kitchen and household items, from jugs and bread bins to pencil pots. If you are looking for quality home accessories, enamelware from Riess will make a lovely addition to your kitchen or indeed any other part of your home. Riess enamelware is extremely durable and offers excellent long-lasting products that are practical and smart.

Riess and their enamel products are created in the Austrian Alps by a family who have been running the business for decades. Seen as a leading enamelware manufacturer worldwide, Riess makes sustainable products with a timeless style that provide solid and reliable solutions for use in the kitchen and around the house. For over nine generations, since 1550, the family have been creating kitchenware in Ybbsitz in the Lower Austrian Mostviertel region. And since 1922, they have been making high-quality porcelain enamelware.

Porcelain enamel is iron fused with siliceous glass. The process creates a nonporous and smooth surface, which is non-stick and perfect for cooking. There are some excellent reasons to choose enamel cookware, including the fact that it offers you a green and sustainable option. Porcelain enamel is made from natural minerals and small amounts of metal oxides, with no artificial elements. This makes it completely recyclable, as well as very durable. Firing the enamel gives it bright colours and a wonderful shine so that it always looks great. But it also makes the material scratch-resistant, cut-resistant and nonporous, so it's practical to cook with too.

Riess porcelain enamel cookware can be used with induction cookers and all other types of cookers too. It's CO2-neutral, easy to clean and antibacterial and it's odour-neutral. The products are heat resistant up to 450°C, with a maximum recommended temperature of 220°C. Even the jugs can be placed directly over heat to warm up their contents, whether it's milk, water or gravy. If well cared for, these pots, pans and other items can last for many years. Cooking with porcelain enamel even allows you to save energy because less heat is required thanks to the heat-conducting power of the enamel.

Our line of Riess products includes jugs, pots and pans, dishes, tins and utensils. With a great selection of smart colours available and plenty of choices for functional cookware and home accessories, you can find something you will love. Or perhaps buy it as a gift for someone else. Once you add a piece of quality Riess porcelain enamel cookware to your kitchen, you will be able to continue using it for years to come. You can clean your Riess porcelain enamel by hand or in the dishwasher. It is easy to care for and sure to last a long time.