19 August, 2012

Enamel is a unique material, sharing the characteristics of glass and steel while offering more versatility than ceramic or plastic. 

Enamel can be used on gas, electric or induction hobs, and can be taken straight from the hob to the oven to the table. 

Premium enamel is distinguished by its exceptionally tough, cut- and scratch resistant surface. 

The surface is resistant to dirt and bacteria and is easy to clean. The natural raw materials used in its manufacture means it is safe for all food uses, and it will not flavour or colour the food. 

Enamel will not emit any harmful or noxious fumes, even when heated to very high temperatures. 

Enamel’s high heat conductivity ensures hot food cooks quickly and thoroughly, while cold foods keep cool for longer. 

Enamel’s qualities make it ideal all around the home, and not just in the kitchen.

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