14 September, 2023

For London Design Festival 2023, LABOUR AND WAIT have invited the inimitable sporting and fishing bag company Brady to ‘pop-up’ in our Marylebone shop.

Brady brothers John and Albert started their company in Birmingham in 1887 making leather gun cases. Over the years their range expanded to include fishing and game bags and Brady became world renowned as makers of the finest quality sporting leather goods.

Brady have maintained their traditions, values and standards established more than a century ago and continue to make all their bags, by hand, in Walsall, Birmingham.

Brady only use the best quality canvas, brass components and English bridle leather. Many styles first introduced in the 1930s and 40s are still made to original patterns and remain some of the most popular Brady styles.

For this event we have commissioned a series of their classic bags in materials of our choice.

The pop-up shop will run from Saturday 16th to Sunday 24th September, 2023.

We will also be serving a local Bimingham beer and nibbles to celebrate from 6pm on Thursday 21st September, to which all are welcome.

We look forward to seeing you!