18 November, 2012

We see that Truman’s have announced the site of their new brewery. 

As reported by the blog with its ear to the ground and a correspondent on every street corner, the new home of the Truman Brewery will be in Hackney Wick, and should be brewing by early next year.

Labour and Wait’s home is an old Truman Brewery public house, and shares its distinctive green tiles with many of the old Truman pubs, some still in use, some converted to homes, some now shops and others derelict and forgotten. But the Truman name can be seen all over the East End, and the name is now synonymous with the old brewery on Brick Lane, long one of the cooler hang outs of this part of town.

A before-and-after of Brick Lane and the Old Truman Brewery.

When we held our party to celebrate the opening of our new store, we served a couple of barrels of Truman Runner, so it’s great to see the opening of the new brewery and the appearance of more and more pubs selling Truman Beers - one hundred and fifty at the last count.

One of our barrels of Truman Runner in place.

Michael-George of Truman, who has overseen the rebirth of the East End brewery.

Taking advantage of the last few drops…

So we wish the best of luck to Truman’s and hope that by next year we’ll be enjoying another Hackney-brewed beer.

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