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01 July, 2021

BISCUITS – What is a cuppa without a biccie? Being unrelenting tea drinkers, we can’t imagine such a thing! From the plainest Rich Tea or the humble Digestive, to the fancier Bourbon and the even tastier chocolate Hobnob – we’ll dunk them all given half the chance. The rate of biscuit consumption at LABOUR AND WAIT risks us becoming the barrel!

This year’s calendar pays homage to our favourite colour; brown. We always find ourselves drawn to this colour. Its darker shades have a graphic quality like black, whilst the lighter tones have a warm and natural feel. When we began selecting products for LABOUR AND WAIT over twenty years ago, we soon realised that our proclivity for brown tones could get the better of us and the result would be a completely brown shop. We regularly have to keep ourselves in check to ensure a variety of hues and colours find their way to the shop floor.

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