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29 April, 2019

Darcy's Kaffe is a recently opened coffee shop in Copenhagen, Denmark.

"I started back in November, doing pop ups and events and then moving into a basement in Nørrebro just as the weather got too cold. My friend Jacques, who started Ofr Copenhagen (the original shop is in Paris) moved in with me in December with his beautiful selection of books, magazines and art and together we are slowly developing something special."

"My girlfriend, Scarlett, who is an architect and has her studio based in a room at the back of the shop, bought me my Labour and Wait apron as a congratulation/good luck present for opening my own place, and I have worn it with pride every day since (literally - I’m open every day at the moment!) I find the pockets useful for pens, matches, bits of coffee kit and receipts, and the size is perfect for a busy day making drinks and food."

"I look forward to many more days behind my espresso machine and seeing how the apron ages over time."

We look forward to seeing it, too!

Follow Darcy's Kaffe on Instagram: @darcyskaffe

Darcy's Kaffe
Blågårdsgade 49
2200 København

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